Align Graph to Heightmap: Bug?

Discussion created by rhexter on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2012 by rhexter
My scene has a heightmap
I align the graph to the heightmap (Note not all generated lots fall above the heightmap, some intersect through some are below some are above)
My rules are inserting instances of geometry at the scale they were built externally

Buildings that are on a lot that is located under the heightmap are flattened to pancakes despite the fact they should not be scaled in any manner.
Buildings that are on lots that are above the heightmap are placed and scaled correctly

Therefore it is not possible to align the graph to the heightmap accurately (offset: 0) and have the buildings generated properly, you always have to ensure that the graph is above the heightmap to ensure buildings are generated as desired.
The offset should always be set(offset:30+) to ensure all nodes in the graph network are not intersecting through the terrain.
When we are talking a 30m offset this is not an insignificant offset to ensure accurate generation.

Esri CityEngine 2011.2 build 120125 (release, win32-64bit)