Geoprocessing service works with small TIF files; fails with large TIF files

Discussion created by pdecurtins on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by khibma-esristaff
I've created a python script tool that simply takes a user supplied raster file as input and sets that file as an output raster value. I then share the result as a geoprocessing service, which works fine with a small (400KB) TIF image. The Output Raster is called 'gptmpraster1.tif', but the tool completes and the raster is added as a layer.

However, with a much larger TIF file (31,400KB), the tool shows that it completes in the results window, but the Output Raster value is 'gptmpraster', and there is no raster to be added. After a few minutes, an entry is added to the server log:

<Msg time="2012-06-29T08:36:48,49" type="SEVERE" code="8001" source="Server" process="6212" thread="17" methodName="" machine="GSGWIN08.RSINC.COM" user="" elapsed="">Instance of service 'Devo/Tool.GPServer' failed to process a request. </Msg>

(The folder where these files reside is on the server, shared with proper permissions, and registered with the server.)

I've run into many, many difficulties just to get it this far. The original image is ~38,000KB, and in that case the service fails completely. It doesn't even seem to start execution, as no server messages are output. I'm using 'File' as the input data type, because the service simularily won't run at all when I try to use data type 'Raster Dataset'.  What am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard?

Thank you so much for any advice, assistance, ideas, encouragement, empathy, etc. that you may be able to offer.