Route Hatch Symbology - HOW?

Discussion created by bensayers on Jun 29, 2012
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In previous versions of ArcGIS Server it was possible to publish an MXD and then consume this as a service, but now at 10.1 the ability to publish an MXD has been removed and one has to publish a service definition, which does not allow Route Hatch Symbology. The solutions suggested are remove the route hatching or remove the layer entirely, neither of which are a solution.
Working in the oil industry labelling polylineM layers is fundamental to the use of ArcGIS in managing Seismic Navigation Shot Points, can anyone suggest a way that I can display this shotpoints using ArcGIS Server? An example of a ArcGIS Server 10.0 service diaplying them can be seen here: (zoom in close to the Green lines and the shotpoints aka hatches trigger).

Any help greatly appreciated.

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