Combining XY information and a shapefile

Discussion created by deleted-user-QBM2W6PENTzE on Jun 28, 2012
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I'm trying to figure out a way to automate a process.

Basically, my coworkers gather point data every day (coordinates and attributes) and then input it into an excel sheet. Then I have to make a map out of the constantly changing data.

But if I "display XY data" from the excel sheet then I have to go through symbology everytime they add a point because I'd have to "display XY data" again since event layers aren't automatically updated when the excel sheet is changed (right?).

If I create a personal geodatabase and have them edit the data in Access, new points aren't going to be added everytime they add coordinates (right?).

Basically my idea right now is to "display xy data" using excel, add a point to my own shapefile (using snapping), and then keep up a join with a common identifier (this is so I don't have to go through symbology everytime). I guess if I create a symbology layer it wouldn't be that bad though.

Sorry I didn't explain that very well. Any better ideas? My main goal is to stay with one comprehensive database and have the least amount of steps as possible.