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Projection Issues

Question asked by mikeldub on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by mikeldub
Hello All,

I have a dataset with Lat/Long values that I need to display.  Before displaying, I imported the coordinate system from the first layer that I added to the map.  However, the XY data, when displayed, does not coincide with the base layer. 

Both the GCS and the PCS match in the Properties --> Source tab.  Projections continually frustrate me.  Can anyone explain to me why these two datasets have the same GCS and PCS in the source tab, but do not line up?

Also, I tried the project tool as well as the Define Projection tool and neither worked.  I receive the following error:

000289 : Failed to alter spatial reference.

Then I started over and got a successful Project result, yet the data did not move.

Please help.

Any assistance is much appreciated,