Add Field tool Precision/Scale issues

Discussion created by mlou on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by bmgarrison

  Using the AddField geoprocessing tool to create new fields on feature classes.  When the new field is a DOUBLE type field, I am setting field Precision and Scale.  However when the field is created, the Precision and Scale have been ignored.  I set Precision = 10 and Scale = 3, but when I look at the fields after I???ve run the AddField tool the Precision = 38 and Scale = 8.

  If I add a field in the feature class properties in Arc Catalog and set the Precision and Scale there, the field is set up correctly.  It???s only failing when I use the AddField tool. 

  Is there a way to get these created properly?  I need to script these to create a number of fields on a number of feature classes.
  The feature classes are in an SDE database (9.3.1 on SQL Server) and I???m creating them using ArcGIS 10 SP4.