Access to web sites locked down after installing ArcGIS for server

Discussion created by zenben on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by bubbahey25
I just set up a new instance on EC2 to create a GIS server. Windows server 2008, SQL server standard, IIS. I got the server up and running easily and the default web page going effortlessly and I could access it from anywhere as you would expect. I tested it from multiple locations (from itself, from my home computer, and from a server sitting in our rack room).

I then installed Desktop and sde. Everything still OK. Then Server and web adapter- had a few glitches, but everything seems to be installed and licensed OK now. Then, I suddenly can't get to any web sites on the server; it says I don't have permission. If I log into arcgis Manager on the new server, I can preview the sample World Cities site, but I can't access it from anywhere else, even though it is set to be publicly available. I can't access the default site in wwwroot at all either. I tried uninstalling the web adapter, but the problem persists.

Nothing was changed in my security group on my Amazon VPC. and I haven't touched any of the IIS settings or changed permissions on any folders. This was a clean install on a new blank instance the only thing I've done is startup the instance, put some static site files in wwwroot (which I have done many times on other machines), and install the GIS software. It was working fine until I installed ArcGIS for Server. Any ideas what the install of ArcGIS for Server might have changed to cause this?
Thank you!