Should GP Add Attribute Index lock up the entire File GDB?

Discussion created by harrybowman on Jun 26, 2012
[This is version 10.0]
I have started Add Attribute Index in the background, and it has been running nearly an hour. Seems very long, right? I wondered if maybe the table is really a lot bigger than I thought [update, see below], but as soon as I touch the the properties in the Catalog window, ArcMap freezes up and becomes non-responsive. CPU for the ArcMap process is max'ed out.

OK, I start another instance of ArcMap, this time I plan to open the fileGDB and look at the size of another table in the same GDB. Same result - ArcMap becomes unresponsive just by clicking the GDB in the Catalog tree.

OK, I am pretty frustrated, but I try ArcCatalog. Same problem.

I thought File GDB was 1-writer, multiple readers. I should be able to create an attribute index while looking at other tables. What's going on?

[Update, I killed the various processes, restarted ArcMap and looked at the table. 170 million records. That's a lot, but typical of the data that needs to be processed - selects, joins, field calculation, geocoding, etc. No progress info from GP, so who knows how long it should take? Anyway, why would just touching the GDB in the Catalog treet should freeze up ArcMap and ArcCatalog. ]