GIS Finding Entry Level Positions - Analyst or Tech

Discussion created by cmf0106 on Jun 25, 2012
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I graduated with a degree in geography/gis in late 2009. I was able to find a job immediately upon graduating working for a land developer as a GIS analyst, and worked there for awhile before the company had financial issues and I was laid off. Currently I am in real estate, but would like to get back into GIS. Any general tips on locating entry level positions, or perhaps networking to find "hidden" jobs?

Brief overview

  • <1 year professional experience as a GIS analyst

  • Use of model builder to automate and document map analysis

  • Access and Excel queries / ArcGIS spatial queries

  • Fluent in geoprocessing and toolboxes

At the moment, I am working on creating an online portfolio that showcases some projects I have done. I am also learning Arcpy and the python programming language as it seems to be becoming the norm in analyst positions. I am picking it up fairly quickly and should have a working knowledge of it soon.

It has been difficult finding jobs posted at the moment, which is why I am considering messaging people at companies I would like to work for to see if they have any entry level positions and or internships, could throw my website in a link in the message etc. I am utilizing my schools department of GIS/Geography as well, but not much as come from that for finding positions. I would appreciate any tips to help get back into the industry as a intern/GIS analyst/ GIS tech

I am located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Thanks everyone