Generate sub-basins according to Strahler order?

Discussion created by simongeo on Jun 24, 2012
Hi everyone, this is a repost from the spatial analyst sub-forum.

Is it possible to generate sub-basins according to strahler order?

Using the watershed function with a stream order stream network results in generating a sub-basin for each stream segment rather than the merged/hierarchical arrangements of catchments you would expect e.g., order 3 basins contain order 2 basins, order 2 basins have order 1 etc

The adjoint catchment doesn't achieve this.

I was thinking if I could automatically delineate either stream confluences or pourpoints at the basinoutlet and extract the stream order value to those points it would be pretty simply to determine sub basins. Hec GeoHMS has a option to 'split at confluences' but you need to manually add the confluences which kinda defeats the point.

I bet these is really simple and I'm just missing something really obvious.