Inspector report always lags just one step behind viewport

Discussion created by whitenorthstar1 on Jun 24, 2012
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Hello engineers... I've been finding CityEngine's 'report' feature very useful.  When I am randomizing building features, it is great for checking that the shapes match the specific randomised rule.

However, I've been finding that the report gives me the results for one generation in arrears.  The first time that I generate something, no report is generated.  But when I hit 'update seed and regenerate', a report appears... for the previous scene.  And so it continues, each time I 'update seed and regenerate' the report changes, to show the analyis for the previous building.

In other words, what I see in the viewport is a generate step ahead of the report in the inspector.  So what I see on the viewport and the report aren't quite in sync. The report is actually correct, but just a step behind: it always refers to the building* that was there before I hit the regenerate button.

:D Perhaps it is my scripting, but I tried it with the report example in the help file, and got the same result.  Is there a way to synchronise the viewport and the inspector?

*I'm testing my rule on individual buildings, then regenerating it.  I guess it is the same for groups of buildings, but the error would be harder to spot.

Lot --> 
    comp(f) { side : Facade | top : Roof }
Facade --> 
   report("facades", 1) 
   split(y) { ~5 : Floor  | ~0.5 : Ledge }*
Floor --> 
   split(x) { ~1 : Tile | 2 : Window | ~1 : Tile}*
Window --> 
      report("windowarea", geometry.area())
      report("windows.open", 1)
      report("windowarea", geometry.area())
      report("windows.closed", 1)

Roof -->
Tile -->
Ledge -->