Corrupt dash line for road symbology after changing Representation rule

Discussion created by pinktree on Jun 22, 2012
I have two issues which may be related.
System is Arcinfo 9.3.1, Windows xp. Also occurs if mxd opened  in a Windows 7 machine.

I changed a representation rule to add a black ball as an object at the end of lines, default is a blue ball.
Since then, all lines and point symbols sizes are dimensioned in decimals less than 1. So, instead of a line width of 3.5, it is .0135. This makes setting road widths difficult.

After this occurred, my roads symbolized with dashed lines over a solid black line plot and export to any format with aberrations. The line dash either disappears, or is all black or all red for a red and black dash line. Also, the solid line color appears as a gradient of bright yellow to dark yellow.

Troubleshooting steps taken:
Removed and added the data, built new symbols.
Removed ESRI.syle and added from another computer.
Ran Repair of software.
Still same issue.

Is it a registry setting with the representation, or is it embedded in the file geodatabase?

Thank you