Result of Path Distance for Cost Path analysis?

Discussion created by ph0b0z on Jun 22, 2012
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i'm just at the beginning of my diploma-thesis which has to do with walking-routes in hilly terrain based on dem-analysis and other data.. i stumbled over the cost-path tool.

Since i still can't really get my head around the whole topic (i think i kind of have to implement Naismith/Langmuir or Tobler's rules for walking costs with arcmap/spatial analyst by weighted distance analysis..) i'd like to know if it's legitimate to use the outcome of the path distance tool for a cost path analysis?

Maybe this is the completely wrong way.. so i'd appreciate it if someone tells me that before i waste many hours with trying. :)

Thanks in advance and i think i will post more often in the next time, while working on the thesis. ;)


EDIT: Oh and, maybe a hint to a little tutorial/workflow for the Path Distance tool would be nice. The Esri-Course for Distance Analysis helped me a lot with the Cost Distance tool, but i couldn't find any equivalent for the Path Distance tool.