How to read related records from a feature with modelbuilder

Discussion created by jsn on Jun 21, 2012
Hi all

I am using 3 objects: a feature class F that has relationship classes with table T1 and table T2.

When creating a new feature in feature class F the system assigns an ID. The need is then to read all the related records from table T1 and update records from table T2  that match the ones in table T1 with the ID from the new feature F. The goal is to populate table T2 with the ID from F, using T1 that is a . The table is already populated,  it is only a matter of populating the foreign key.

Questions for model builder:
  - how to browse records in table T1 related to a feature in feature class F
  - when selecting one record in T1 how to find  a record in T2 to update it