simple shape copy withing same layer

Discussion created by cgarrettjones on Jun 20, 2012
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sorry for the simple question but i'd like to confirm that i'm on the right track.

i need to copy simple shapes within a layer using sql in oracle where the geo data type is st_geometry.

i believe that i can simply copy the rows without the objectid and have the objectid populated thus:

    select registration_id into v_registration_id from sde.table_registry
      where table_name = 'TA_INTEREST_PARCEL_SHAPES'
      and owner = sys_context('userenv', 'current_schema');

    select sde.version_user_ddl.next_row_id(sys_context('userenv', 'current_schema'), v_registration_id) into :new.objectid from dual;

please let me know if i've missed something. i don't see any specific sql functions for copying a shape so imagine its just that simple.