Workflow Servicew will not Start on Any Socs

Discussion created by jamesl99 on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2012 by jamesl99
I have a distributed installation of workflow manager -- four Socs with two Som Servers.
Have installed and licensed the SOMS, and moved the wmrest point back from the SOC to the som and configured as 32 bit application pool.
Created the JTC file and placed on a common share that both the SOC and SOM has access to see.
Created a new WMS Service in ArcGIS manager and then used Arccatalog to finish the final parameters as the parameter tab in ArcGIS server manager is blank.
Set the environment variable on the SOC for the default_TX_DB and made sure the registry path for the dbconn path is set.
I try to start the service but it will not start. --   configuration.test.WMserver cannot be started -- server object creation failed on machine ...
My test system works fine, and if I point the production SOM at the test SOC it works, so I know its related to my production SOCS, all other mapping services start as expected.
I must be missing a step somewhere but not sure where. Log files set to verbose but no meaningful information in them. Have uninstalled and reinstalled same issue.
Any ideas ?
Am running ArcGIS server 10 sp4 -- with workflow manager 10 sp3 on win2008sp2r2 on all six servers