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Changing the "Allow NULL values" property of an existing feature class

Question asked by mariposaducharme on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by becca529
Hello All,

I have a feature class with many different fields. All the fields currently allow NULL values. I want to change one of the field's property so that it does not allow NULL values. When I try to change it in ArcCatalog (properties->Fileds Tab) I cannot get the cursor to delete the "Yes" to replace it with a "No". I tried in ArcMap as well. No go.

I should mention that this is a field has a coded domain associated to it. - That being said, I cannot  change the properties of fields not associated with a coded domain either. Is this a property of a field that cannot be changed once the field is created (say it ain't so Joe!)

I also noticed that I could not change the "default value" either.

Thanks for your help/advice/tips/comments

PS. I am on 10 sp4. (Hoping to move up to 10.1 this week)