Discussion created by eutile on Jun 19, 2012
Hello All!

Trying to find a solution to have an autosave edits in ArcGis 9.3.1, I found this .dll on
I've installed it on my machine, added the toolbar in ArcMap and It works fine. Despite this, if I try to install it on any other PC I'm not able to register it anymore and I always get the same error:

"it is not a valid .net assembly"

These five machines are all identical to mine: Windows XP Professional is running, and they all have the same Microsoft .NET Framework (1.1 to 4) and Microsoft redistributable runtime DLLs (VS2005 + VS2005 SP1). The ArcGIS Desktop VBA and SDK for VB6 are also installed.

Any ideas about  the cause?? I don't know what else to check to resolve this issue. The dll has been written by Dean Theavos in 2007 but if I try to contact him, I don't get any reply.

Thanks a lot,