Cell statistics?

Discussion created by daniele_vilanova on Jun 18, 2012
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Hello all

I have a set of rasters and each one of them has cell values that goes from 1-4. I wanted to know if there's a way (I was thinking about using cell statistics, but maybe it's somewhere else?) for me to know exactly the amount of values for each of these categories (1-4) if I sum up all cells on the rasters.

EX:. If the total of a given cell on the output raster is, let's say, 16, is there a way for me to know how many 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s are responsible for this total? These values makes a huge difference for my analyses, so if this imaginary total '16' is a result of 1+1+1+1+1+1+1....+1 or 4+4+4+4 or 3+3+2+2+4+1+1 or any other combination you can think of, this will directly influence my results/discussion.

Any inputs on how can I figure this out?

Thank you very much!!