Filtering a large layer

Discussion created by babarsac on Jun 18, 2012
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Using ArcGIS 10 SP-4

I have a large dataset of sites that needs to be filtered down to a usable size.  There is an attribute for the site_ID and another one for the site_type.  There are duplicate site_ID???s in the dataset and I only need one record for each site.  The preference of what gets deleted depends on the type.  If there is a record with a type ???A??? then all other records for that site can be deleted.  If a site does not have a type ???A??? then it doesn???t matter which records get deleted.

In a nutshell I want to turn this???

Site_ID   Site_Type
  123              A
  123              B
  123              C
  555              B
  555              B
  555              C

Into this???

Site_ID   Site_Type
  123              A
  555              doesn???t matter

I???ve been playing around with SQL statements without any luck.  Any suggestions?