Issues with Fuzzy Membership

Discussion created by hg223 on Jun 15, 2012

I am working on apply Fuzzy Membership to a DEM, and am hoping someone could clarify something for me. My understanding is that the values in your raster get indexed on a 0-1 scale. I am applying Fuzzy Gaussian to an elevation model with a wide range of values, and am finding that I have to drastically increase the spread to get an output that is meaningful. Yet when I increase the spread to that point, the output values are no longer 0-1. The 0 value is greater than 0, by 0.009 in the case of 0.000005, and by 0.39 in the case of 0.000001. Regardless of the spread, shouldn't the curve be contained strictly within your actual values so that you always have a 0 and a 1? What is happening here? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!