How can I make a drop-down list in a tool?

Discussion created by jdeangelo on Jun 14, 2012
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Hi All,

I have a tool driven by a python script.  One of the arguments is for a field name of one of the inputs.  In the tool, when I set the parameter as 'field', the GUI for the tool shows a large box with check-boxes for each field.  Instead of the large box with a checkbox for each field, I want it to be a drop-down list of the attributes.

Any thoughts?  For some reason a different tool I put together also has an argument for a field of an input layer and when I set the parameter to 'field', it was a drop down.  I looked at the properties for the 2 tools and the argument in question has the same parameters.  How can I ensure my GUI will have a drop-down list for a field variable?

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