Best approach - Feature service?

Discussion created by Arkitech on Jun 14, 2012
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I am looking to design a mapping application that i need to update the data in Arcmap live and those results can be pulled by the feature service and displayed in real time (ie i upgrade a polygon from blank to red in Arcmap and it pulls those results to the web site in real time) showing the colour and without me having to start/stop map servies/clear caches etc (and without the user having to refresh the page).

User will never get to edit the page, i dont mind creating a map app in javascript aswell for the ''editor'' version so if needs be i can update from this version.

Is an feature service the best way to do it? I can get my data into a geodatabase in SDE no problem so if this is the best bet then i will continue down this route unless anyone had any advice to give?