Inconsistent retrieval of Feature Service data

Discussion created by PoncinAdmin on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by njarecha-esristaff

I am running into an issue that I thought that I had resolved.

When a user frequently tries to grab data via the "AGSFeatureLayerModeSnapshot" for a connected/disconnected/connected environment (like driving in and out of 3G service areas), the app is not grabbing some of the data features in the Feature Service.  The retrieval can be really inconsistent but will often grab all the features.  I blamed this on server latency at first, but discovered that this isn't always the case.

My work-around was to use "AGSFeatureLayerModeOnDemand" with buffer and constraints set to perform the same as "Snapshot" mode (ie the data will not update as the view changes).  I thought that this had solved the issue, but one of our testers ran into the problem again today (even with a strong wireless signal).  I know that this is not a latency problem.  The features always appear just fine in ArcGIS Online.

I also need to add that this is a very small data set with only a handful of points.

Does anyone have any suggestions?