What is the overlap between different UTM zones?

Discussion created by iomartin on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by Hardolph

I know my question does not have an exact answer (it will depend on the region of the globe we're talking about), but I wanted to know what's the overlap between two UTM zones? Centimeters, meters, hundreds of meters? The same question applies for different latitude bands.

I'll localize a robot in region close to the intersection of two zones and two bands (therefore I might be in 4 different zones) and would rather force the Lat/Long-to-UTM conversion to always use the same zone. I know the further I get from the meridian the less precise it will be, but what's an acceptable distance I could cross from a zone and still force it to project it into another zone? Again, I just need want to know an order of magnitude. If I get some 100 kilometers out from one zone into another, what's the magnitude of the error I should expect?

If anyone has any references on where I could go about calculating all these more precisely, I'd appreciate.