Combine Rasters using Con Expression - Error

Discussion created by jannacaspersen on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by fabl
I am trying to combine many rasters together to create 1 raster with all the input raster values added together. An example of the expression is below...

Con(IsNull("murle_ras_7"),0,"murle_ras_7") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_6"),0,"murle_ras_6") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_5"),0,"murle_ras_5") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_4"),0,"murle_ras_4") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_3"),0,"murle_ras_3") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_27"),0,"murle_ras_27") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_26"),0,"murle_ras_26") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_25"),0,"murle_ras_25") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_24"),0,"murle_ras_24") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_23"),0,"murle_ras_23") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_21"),0,"murle_ras_21") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_20"),0,"murle_ras_20") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_2"),0,"murle_ras_2") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_19"),0,"murle_ras_19") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_18"),0,"murle_ras_18") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_17"),0,"murle_ras_17") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_16"),0,"murle_ras_16") + Con(IsNull("murle_ras_1"),0,"murle_ras_1")

I also set the environments with a full extent and a specified cell size. The 000539 Error keeps appearing telling me that it "Could not save raster dataset to... with output format GRID.

Does anyone know how I can get around this?