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Find ???highest??? Text Value From Multiple Features

Question asked by alantoms on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by alantoms
The end goal is to have a feature class of points that represent a street intersection with an attribute of the highest street classification of the streets that lead into that intersection.  Example, if I have an arterial road and a collector road at that intersection I want the intersection point to have a value of arterial.  I???m kind of stuck on how to do the ranking of the intersections.
Here is what I have so far.

  1. Intersect tool on a single street centerline feature class (EndPoints).  The output is a point feature class of the end points of the street lines that intersect. An intersection of 4 line features would result in 4 coincident points with attributes from the street line it came from.

  2. Dissolve tool to create a point feature of the coincident points (Intersection).

Now I???m not sure who to efficiently proceed.   My current though is to use a python script for the rest.

  • Take each point in the Intersection feature class and then Select By Location to select the corresponding points from the Endpoints feature class.

  • Somehow rank the selected EndPoints features for the highest classification.  They are currently text values so I???m not sure how to calculate this.  For example I will have a location with 2 Highway EndPoints features and 2 Local EndPoints features.  I???m thinking of looping through the selection to populate a list of the classification values, then running if/else against the list looking for the highest value.  The following is not correct syntax but I think it explains it.

  • for features in selection  list.append(value)  intersection value()  if Intersate in list:   return Intersate  elif Highway in list:   return Highway  elif Loca in list:   return local

Anyone see any issues with my thought process or know a better way to accomplish what I???m after?

Thank you