License for testing purposes

Discussion created by aslaken on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by Gis.jn

In a research project at my work we are considering using the ArcGIS Runtime for WPF to build a prototype map solution for the Microsoft Surface 2.0 table. The prototype solution that we build will only be used for demonstration purposes within the project, and we will not under any circumstances sell the prototype solution or host it as a live application online. There will be multiple developers working on building this solution, and they all need to test the application on their local machines. The company I work for is a non-profit research organization.

My question is the following: Can we use ArcGIS Runtime for WPF freely within this project, by obtaining a test license from ESRI for each of the machines on which we will develop on? If yes, will be still be able to use the offline functionality with local map tile packages? If no, how much will we have to pay in licenses?

Many thanks.