Statistics field for Summary Statistics

Discussion created by grastafaram on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by curtvprice
Hi, Sorry if this is not posted in the correct place, but I was not sure where to put it.  I am trying to use the Summary Statistics tool to create a summary table for a polygon layer.  In the Statistics Field drop down menu I can only select the available field headings from the layers attribute table (ID, Gridcode etc...).  However, when I make a selection I get "Error 000800 -  The value is not a member of SUM|MEAN|MIN|MAX|RANGE|STD|COUNT|FIRST|LAST".   I have tried to enter some of those values in the field manually, but I get the same error.  Seems like it is just something  I am overlooking, but  I can't figure it out.  I am using ArcGIS 10 with Windows 7 professional.  Any help is appreciated...