Hiding tables in ArcCatalog using IWorkspaceExtension

Discussion created by bakica on Jun 6, 2012

I would like to hide some tables in ArcCatalog connection tree. I have implemented interface IWorkspaceExtension. The property PrivateDatasetNames has return type IEnumBSTR. I have read that it is necessary to create my own class (let's call it MyBSTRClass) which implements interface IEnumBSTR.

I am using VB.NET and my custom class (MyBSTRClass) has to have two methods (Next and Reset). Problem is, that I can not express that I am at the end of list encapsulated in MyBSTRClass. It is written in documentation that:

"The Next method returns the next string in the enumerator. An empty string is returned by Next when there are no more strings to fetch."

But when I return string.empty, nothing or new String(""), system can not recognize, that I am at the end of sequence and calls Next() in infinite loop

Thank you for replies