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Discussion created by cepillo20@gmail.com on Jun 6, 2012
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I�??ve opened several layers under the table of contents in ArcMap, but cannot see all of them at the same time.  I can zoom to a state of Maryland layer and see it in the workspace. However, the other layers (roads, hydrology, census blocks) in my table of contents are invisible.  Zooming to one of the �??invisible�?� layers reveals it and all the other previously invisible layers. It was frustrating, so I decided to move on to my next planned task, creating a new shapefile in ArcCatalog, dragging it over to the table of contents in ArcMap, launching the Editor tool and digitizing (drawing) the feature. I was able to create the shapefile and successfully move it to the ArcMap table of contents. However, I cannot edit it!! It�??s sitting in the table of contents but NOT listed as one of the files available for editing in the Editor window.  So I gave up and decided to clip all the major roads to just those within the state of Maryland so I�??d feel I�??d accomplished something!  OMG, I can�??t even clip!  In fact NONE of the common geoprocessing tools work. 
All of the above is caused by the same problem or omission, occurring TWICE -- Your job is to respond in the forum to  �??talk him down�?� and help him understand what is wrong and explain how to correct the two instances of the same problem and get some work done before the sun goes down.