Toolbox is 31 Mb and takes 20 minutes to open ...

Discussion created by scheltens on Jun 5, 2012
I'm hoping someone can explain to me why this is happening.

I've created a toolbox that contains a model in Model Builder to complete a bunch of steps repeatedly. It's just a bunch of selects and calculates on a layer to set attribute values.

Although there are many processes (... 320 total), I'm not understanding why the toolbox is so large. Everytime I open the toolbox, open the model for edits, or  save the model, it takes about 20 minutes. I'm not talking about actually running the model, just opening, editing, and saving.

I thought the model was just a set of paramaters and processes to run, but there must be something more going on in the background that I don't know about.

I've cleared all the results from the Results tab to see if that helps, but it doesn't.

Does anyone have any ideas.

Thank you, cheers,