ArcGIS 10 - create shape file and then start editing fails

Discussion created by fmateasko on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by fmateasko
I need to create programatically several shapefiles and then be able to start the editor and set the editable layer to selected (select the teplate).

In 9.3 version it was working, from 10 version it is not and it throw an error saying that either one layer or that whole workspace is not editable or no editable layers in workspace.
If I create layers and add them to the map, they throws some of these exceptions. If I remove them from arc map and attach them manually, editing works. If I simply open them in the blank ArcMap, editing works.

My code is wrapped in several classes, so before I paste it here, I just would like to ask if there is something new I have to check or care about with shapefiles in ArcMap 10?  As I wrote, in 9.3 it worked normally.