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Discussion created by d_l_smith on Jun 3, 2012
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Hi All,

Is there a way we can use Geographic Coordinate Systems instead of Projected Coordinate Systems for our scenes?

I am trying to get a workflow from CE to ArcGIS Explorer working at the moment. I am currently using DAE's which are then converted into ESRI multipatch shapefiles all using a projected coordinate system (GDA_1994_MGA_Zone_56). The issue with this workflow is that when the multipatch file is imported into ArcGIS Explorer with the elevation value on the Z axis being applied as a constant elevation offset to the terrain so that all of the 3D models are floating in the scene (there is no such issue in ArcGlobe and ArcScene). Try as I may I cannot get a work around for this 'floating model issue'. On top of this Multipatch's do not handle complex 3D geometry very well.

In light of this I would like to use KMZ files as I know ArcGIS Explorer handles this format much better than multipatch. Currently ArcGIS Explorer only handles Geographic Coordinates in its 3D mode which means that under my current workflow the KMZ will not import into the correct location (obviously). Hence why I would like to use Geographic Coordinate Systems for my scene building in City Engine.

Your help is much appreciated!