More detailed and expansive training modules

Discussion created by owenlars2 on Jun 1, 2012
I am very new to programming, and the bulk of my current experience comes from taking a Java and an Android course through Lynda, and the Intro to ArcGIS SDK Seminar video was a great jumping off point to beginning to build my own app, however, I find I could use much more help.  I need much more detailed and gradual exposure to all of these functions than just looking at the various completed samples while playing a game of "Guess and Check" to see how things work.  I would ideally like 10-20 hours of training videos to help me learn in better detail and with more clarity how to build my own Android App using the ESRI tools.  I am hoping that you have something along these lines in the works already, but I was wondering when such a training module might be available?

Thank you