Co-relation between the LOD and WebMercator x/y min/max values

Discussion created by rshetye on May 31, 2012

Is there any documentation on the co-relation between the LOD and WebMercator x/y min/max values ?

We have the following requirement for the ESRI maps
* Clustering must work
* Panning must work

Clusterrific's clustering solution does not work when you pan the map such that you wrap the continents around.

Hence we've restricted the panning to the initial map extent i.e. you can pan around but you cannot pan to the neighbouring maps.

It seems that when you zoom in, the xmax and ymax values get modified in a way that depends on the LOD/scale/resolution. We are looking for documention / code samples that will clarify this relationship so that we can manipulate the panning and zoom out actions correctly.

Use Case:
* User does a (mouse) zoomout which happens to bring in too much of the "neighouring" map (as determined programmatically based on the x/y min/max values)
* We can do a centerAt or some other operation
* This will adjust / reset the map, causing the "neighbouring" maps to pan out of the extent and not show any more

Any help would be much appreciated.