Geometry methods

Discussion created by GSCUser85 Champion on May 30, 2012
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When I first saw this in 10 I though that would be very cool to do some spatial processing...
Never had a chance to try it until a few days ago. As usual I'm stuggling.

I have done a whole load of searches here and found plenty of discussion re the accuracy of the integer version of the geometry so that properties are incorrectly reported (like Poly1Geom.area)
But no real info on how to do the geometry comparisons. The help files are a little thin here as well.

My idea was to load the geometry objects into a python list / dictionary or whatever, to facilitate looping and comparison with other geometry objects.
The lists load fine and the geometry objects in the list have the usual properties. But when I get to the methods they are always "False". ie Poly1.inside(Poly2) always = False, even when its not.

I am using Arc10 SP4 and all this is running python code in IDLE.

Anyone got any tips or pointers to some script examples to do this?

Thanks in advance,