Map Service Tuning

Discussion created by benrigh1 on May 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 17, 2010 by psitton
We have a floodplain polygon layer from FEMA. Because of it complexity, it has a huge number of vertices 60,000+.  We have a map service that consumes this SDE feature class and it draws fine, but the Identify tool for one particular feature is unbearably slow (16 seconds according to FireBug).  Using a local file geodatabase source is only about 1 second faster.  We don't want to simplify the geometry because it is not our data and there could be potential legal ramifications if we generalize it too much.  We've tried manually tuning the spatial index and that does not have any effect.
Anyone have thoughts on how to tune it to make the query faster?  Here is a link to the services directory:
flood plain layer In the where clause type, in OBJECTID = 948.  In ArcMap, the identify tool time is not a problem, it is only an issue in the map service.  Thank you.