Could you help me understand some of the limitations with this API?

Discussion created by rougekris on May 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by stevel
Hi all,

I've been tasked for the first time with understanding this API and the surrounding framework (Dojo is new to me) but I'm making progress. The concern I have however is that this API may not do everything I need it to. I've got to add some very specific functionality to a build on this API, and my search through the library has returned nothing on all counts. I figured it would be a good idea to ask for a little advice to help me on my way.

I'm looking for these things in particular (strictly from the Javascript API):

1) Firing a click event to bring up a modal window where I can enter X and Y coordinates - on submission, the map will take me there.
2) Same as number 1, but this time I will be able to query a Microsoft Access database on an arbitrary field in the data layer. The search results theming isn't important - I will configure that to spit out the results I need. These results will appear in the legend, a left-hand bar that will also hold the contents of number 4 below.
3) A clear button to empty the query that I have entered for number 2.
4) Multiple data layers for different purposes, and an option to fire a click event to show/hide these using Dojo.
5) Draw a line on the map, which the page will declare the real-life distance from point to point.

I'm hoping for some positive results here, but I can't be too sure right now. I'd truly appreciate any information you guys would be prepared to give.