Some questions about development of "ArcGIS"

Discussion created by starrycheng on May 27, 2012
Some questions about development of "ArcGIS".

Problem one:
Use "ESRI API" (ArcGIS for Silverlight, ArcGIS for Winform   API) , call "Google" , "Bing", "ArcGIS Online" services   , Thinking is this????    Realize the map navigation.

Problem two:
We have "ArcGIS 10.0" client software "license", whether can use "ArcGIS" fee services???

Problem third:
Use "ArcGIS 10.0"   client  software   built   data model and so on , whether we  can upload to the "ArcGIS" official website. And then develop our own service, then be called and in the application be used. For example: a "GIS" information of campus .

Problem forth:
Use "ArcGIS 10.0"  client software built data model and so on   deploy on local database . "On the local server" whether can also   releas  e services and use the "ESRI API" (ArcGIS for Silverlight, ArcGIS for Winform  API)  , "in the local area network"  development "AcrGIS" applications with the local server service? ??

For example:
In a campus, use "ArcGIS 10.0" client software create the local database, the map model, and  then  release services. And the services be used by applications ,such as "Silverlight, Winform, Web", etc. But shall not upload the data to "ArcGIS official website", Is that OK? ?

My understanding of AcrGIS not many, thank you  very  much...