Attachments and geoprocessing: Merging several feature classes with attachments

Discussion created by zerokc on May 24, 2012
I was wondering if it is possible to merge several projects where I've already laboriously attached all the photos to the features in a geodatabase.  I've been able to merge the feature classes, create a new ATTACH table and append all the project tables to it.  I've then created a relationship class which uses the unique time-stamped photo name to tie the new table to the feature (rather than the objectid, which is duplicated several times because of the merge).  In the HTML popup, the data comes up, but the path to the blank image shows that I've lost the path to the image.

Is there a way to re-establish the path to the image when creating a new relationship class? 
...I'm dreading the days I'll have to spend re-attaching thousands of photos to the new composite feature class.

Any ideas on solving this?