Batch Produce Grid Index Features in Data Driven Pages

Discussion created by imdtucker on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by m.gasior
I am trying to generate grids for a number of different polygons, so that each polygon has its own set of grids over top of it. (The polygons are communities and I am trying to generate grids at a 1:500 scale. 

Each polygon (community) has been created as an independent layer.  A list of these layers, "communities" has been created using arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() within the workspace.  I need to constrain the grids being generated to just include the polygon for a given community.

I keep getting an 000840 error saying that the Value is not a long.

for element in communities:
    datain = "'Comm Shapefiles\\" + element + "'"
    dataout = '"S:\\Parks All Divisions\\Urban Forestry & Central Services\\MapBook\\DDP Center\\DDP_GRIDS.gdb\\' + element + '"'
    arcpy.GridIndexFeatures_cartography(dataout, datain, "INTERSECTFEATURE", "NO_USEPAGEUNIT", "", "95 Meters", "105 Meters")

I'm not sure what is wrong in the script and why it won't run! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!