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Additional Tokens?

Question asked by fraserhand on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by KBedel-esristaff
Hi There,

Upon looking at the activity types in wmx, I saw that there is a whole heap of tokens that seem able to be used. Examples of these are [CUR_USER],[CUR_NT_USER],[STEP],[HOLD],[VERSION] - you get the idea.

These aren't described on - getting hold of a IJTXParserTokenParser(2) and requesting GetSupportedTokens(2)() returns the list we see in the doc - but get this:

t = ps.Item[2] as IJTXTokenParser2;
    [System.__ComObject]: {System.__ComObject}
    Caption: "System"
    Name: "esriJTX.JTXSystemParser.1"

So I'm guessing what I'm looking at is this on IJTXActivityType.Message - "The message that will be added to the job's history when this activity is performed.  Tokens contained in the message will be parsed at runtime."

ah - but which parser is used and what tokens are accepted?

so there appears a whole heap of tokens available for configuring activities which would be useful. Has anyone got a list of these? Or what object will return them?

Many thanks,