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DrawComplete Not Called After Leaving App

Question asked by rcoodey on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by JNery-esristaff
Using draw objects if the user clicks and drags then leaves the application window and releases the mouse... DrawComplete doesn't get called.  So when the user brings the mouse back into the application the draw is still actively attached to the mouse (but the mouse button is still up).  At this point the user thinks they should just click to complete the draw, but this doesn't call DrawComplete either... but instead starts a new drawing (but doesn???t call DrawBegin in this case).

Is there any way to either:
1) Trigger DrawComplete even though the mouse is released outside the application?
2) Finalize the draw when the user mouses down?

Using version 2.4 of the API.

Thanks a lot!