Slivers created when dissolving large polygon file

Discussion created by klmcwilliams on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by klmcwilliams
I am working with a land use shapefile that contains about 10,000 individual polygons. I need to dissolve by land use zone, but when I do the output has hundreds of these tiny white slivers. (For some reason, it looks like the vertices aren't snapping together, but in the original file everything lines up fine). I tried fixing the issue by running the integrate tool, but the slivers don't disappear unless I enter a ridiculously high tolerance, which then drastically alters the look of the file.

I should note that when I run the dissolve and uncheck 'create multipart features' the output file is fine- no slivers. But this doesn't help me, since I need to have those multipart features (I need one entry per zone in the attribute table).

Any suggestions?