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Discussion created by muckaaz on May 17, 2012
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Hello every one ,
I am in the last year of faculty of engineering , and I am doing now my graduation project
our project is about             ( optimum scheduling and routing school buses )

" the target of this project is to define the optimum scheduling and routing school buses deals with the significant question of how to transport students to and from schools in the safest , most economical and most convenient manner . the scheduling and routing activities are often controversial because the problem must deal with multiple objectives . As the number of school buses operating on the roadways increased , a number of problems occured.   many serious accidents happend which involved school buses which caused school officials to think seriously about developing safety guidlines for school buses . even though the vehicle routing literature in common has dealt with several objectives , the most related in the situation of routing and scheduling of school buses are :
1- to minimize the transportation cost
2-to minimize the transportation time
3- to minimize the total number of buses for transportation
4 to design the pickup and drop-off points

I am just bigenner of using GIS and don't know too much in network analysis
so please i want to know about this problem and anything you can help me to solve it