Editing python scripts that are in external to project directories

Discussion created by rhexter on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by AUlmer-esristaff
So as is probably a given with many multi-user environments we use a Source Safe System, Perforce specifically.

How do I have Python scripts that are in a perforce depot open and be editable in the cityengine scriptEditor without having to copy them into the workspace each time?
This is quite a large feature for studios working with many devs that may focus on smaller components of work.

I'd like to see that should I be providing a sys.path.append(mySourceSafe) in my startups (scripting.py) that I am able to see those appended files in the scripts directory. So that I can edit them and take advantage of the Python Editor with completion.

Currently there seems to be no method of doing this can you correct me?