Want to build a new Network

Discussion created by tippenjeff on May 16, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I work for a organization who uses a very labor intensive routing program for school district transprotation routing.  I would like to switch over to ESRI solution using Network Analsyt.  Our district services approx 65,000 students of which about half require transportation to 67 schools.  We have a fleet of about 400+ buses.  We keep growing and have out grown our current process.

I do have many off and on years of ArcGIS expeirience but mostly on single workstation.

I guess my beginning questions would be on reccomended reference materials so I can approach this the right way.  I will have to create a test network to demonstrate the capability and advantages of a geodatabase  to support not only the Transportation group but other divisions within the district.

I would appreciate any advice from current users of the best approach I should take.  Since I'm starting from scratch I would like to stay on tract.

Thanks in advance for your time