How to query by SQL and then export into GDB with 'textures'?

Discussion created by hlzhang1022 on May 13, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by MBuehler-esristaff
Greeting, CE team,

Still on learning curve, some ???student??? questions keep coming to you guys for assistance.

Firstly, is there any efficient way to query 3D features (lfor example, only some of buildings, some vegetations, tanks at ???specific-location???, etc. through 'select' by SQL or spatially) from CE scene (*.cej) and then export with ???textures??? into geodatabase (GDB) as multipatch?

As an example, the simplest task is 'only' to export all 3D buildings & 3D trees with 'textures' into GDB.

So far, we can select all (including streets & roads) and then export all models into GDB; and also can randomly/ virtually choose ???specific??? 3D features from CE scene, add more into selection, and then export into GDB.

But, we are not able to query by SQL plus AOI boundary, meanwhile not be able to exclude some such as roads and (or) streets from selection, etc... And besides, a bigger issue is that all associated ???textures??? are lost after exporting into GDB from CE 2011.2 project.


Secondly, with the advanced sample ???Philadelphia__2011_2??? in CE2011.2, it looks straightforward and makes sense. In particular, it is very meaningful to help properly to organize GIS & raster data in CE project from different sources (imagery, DEM, KML, GDB, photo textures, etc.).

However, when moving onto CGA rules, new barriers come so that those block us for better understanding, obviously because we may lack some ???in-depth??? knowledge on relation among those data in CE project. So, I am wondering if the ???explanatory??? help doc for this sample is available, which can demonstrate those data structure in CE project and also explain why those associated CGA rules in the sample are organized like those.