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I can't connect to arcsde geodatabase

Question asked by topo_geo on May 12, 2012
Latest reply on May 12, 2013 by gmoeller54
good morning
i have a problem to connect to an arcsde geodatabase with python and i need help please

i use arcsde for single use (trial version of ArcGIS Desktop10)
i have stored a geodatabase in sqlserver with arcsde
i try to connect to this geodatabase with this python code but the connection failed, help please, thank you

>>> import arcpy >>> import sys >>> import os  >>> arcpy.CreateArcSDEConnectionFile_management("C:/connectionFiles","connect.sde","MKT/otc","sde:sqlserver:MKT/p10","BDP10TN_SIG","OPERATING_SYSTEM_AUTH","dbo.DEFAULT","DO_NOT_SAVE_VERSION")

<Result 'C:\\connectionFiles\\connect.sde'>


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